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New Nature: May 2018

As some of you will surely have noted, New Nature recently claimed first prize in the ‘green and eco’ company category at the UK Blog Awards 2018. Our first award as a youth nature magazine and one we are immensely proud of – not least because it marks our humble magazine’s progression over the past fifteen months. Of course, there are many people who share in this award - we could not have come so far without the support and talent of our young writers (many of whom are also members of A Focus on Nature) and we thank you all for your hard work and amazing articles over the past year and a bit!

Obviously, following the award announcement, we felt we better follow up with an especially good issue – if only to keep people hooked. As such, let me introduce you to our May edition:

As ever, our latest issue is jam-packed with intriguing writing from the next generation of British naturalists, demonstrated as Kerry Paton and Dr Natalie Welden publish fantastic pieces about sharks on pages 12 and 22 respectively, whilst Hannah Rudd tackles the issue of fish sentience (a new topic for us) in an especially thought-provoking article on page 18. Above water, Sophie May Lewis writes about Britain’s newest national park (page 10) and Josh Styles tells us about a rare plant initiative occurring in North West England (page 20).

These articles are just the tip of the iceberg this month and arrive in our inbox in addition to an interview with BBC Wildlife Magazine’s Feature Editor, Ben Hoare, in which he talks about just what it takes to write a great article and discusses his incredible career in the wildlife industry (page 28). Elsewhere, our own Elliot Dowding makes a case for bilberry being one of Britain’s most underrated species and through some seriously evocative nature writing, James Rowland touches upon our own human connection with nature.

As you can see, May’s edition is yet another bumper issue and, once again, we thank each contributor for dedicating their time to keeping New Nature as interesting as ever. We hope you enjoy our latest offering and hope that, should you feel suitably inspired, you will consider contributing to future magazines. To do so, simply drop us an email at to discuss your ideas!

James Common is the Managing Director of New Nature. Follow him on Twitter @CommonByNature.


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