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Careers  Hub

Welcome to the A Focus On Nature Careers Hub!

At AFON, we know how difficult it is to find a career in conservation as a young person. There are many barriers that mean the sector is not as accessible or inclusive as it should be. This Careers Hub is our way of helping to break down some of those barriers, by providing free resources to help young people develop the knowledge and skills they need to excel in the conservation sector, using advice from experienced professionals working within it.

Below you'll find resources on how to know what conservation career is right for you and advice on how to progress into certain careers, which we've divided into 5 key areas:

How do I know which conservation career is right for me?

 Interested in finding a mentor?


If you've read our resources and would like to access more personalised advice and guidance from one of our mentors, head to our mentoring page to find out more.


We are really excited to have been able to launch our new Careers Hub in 2022 and provide even more support for young people. This Hub would not have been possible without input from our wonderful committee, our AFON mentors and their mentees and all of the conservation professionals that wrote content for our resources.

Everyone at AFON is
incredibly grateful for the time and effort they put in to supporting our mission, so this is a massive 
thank you to them!

As this is a new part of the AFON service, we would like it to expand and cover as many conservation roles as possible - if there's a resource you'd particularly like to see
let us know.

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