Careers Advice

To support young conservationists, we’ve reached out to a range of professionals who have given their advice and guidance on their career path, their roles in conservation and what advice they’d give to young people starting out. We hope you find these resources useful!

Many of these resources were kindly provided by mentors from the AFON mentoring scheme. To find out more about the scheme, and how you could get tailored careers advice, please visit the webpage

Luke Barley.JPG

Woodland Advisor and former ranger for National Trust

Luke Barley

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Luke is one of the AFON mentors. You can find Luke’s blog here: In the interview we discussed the National Trust’s ranger trainee scheme - since then, the Trust has launched ranger apprenticeships. Luke says these are a great way in to the industry, so keep a lookout for 'apprentice assistant ranger' advertisements with individual properties!

Lizzie Bruce .JPG

Reserve Manager and Warden for RSPB

Lizzie Bruce

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Lizzie is one of the AFON mentors.

Becky Fisher.jpg

Engagement Manager for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Becky Fisher

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Becky is one of the AFON mentors. To find out more about what the Trust is doing at the moment, please visit


Naturalist, Author and TV Producer

Stephen Moss

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Stephen is one of the AFON mentors.

Clive Chatters.JPG

Naturalist, Author and Conservationist

Clive Chatters

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Clive is one of the AFON mentors.


  • Blog by Richard Guy, who is a Project Manager for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust. Richard is one of the AFON mentors. In this blog, Richard tells us his career journey and gives his advice on finding the role for you.
  • Blog by Peter Robertson, who is a Senior Sites Manager for the RSPB, working in Dorset. Peter is one of the AFON mentors. In this blog, Peter gives his golden rules for job applications, CVs and interviews.
  • Blog by David Tompkins, who is a Project Officer with the RSPB in Northern Scotland. David is one of the AFON mentors. In this blog, David discusses how you can get into conservation without following the university route.

We hope to continue expanding the range of careers support we offer, and provide advice from a range of people working in the sector. We’re very open to feedback so please let us know what other careers advice resources you’d like to see here. Many thanks to all the contributors to these resources.