Mentoring Scheme


**Applications for our Mentoring Programme are currently paused.**

We are currently evaluating how the AFON Mentoring Programme works and making improvements to the support that we can offer at AFON. This means that applications for the programme may be closed for a longer period of time. If you are interested in getting involved in the scheme, you are welcome to get in touch, but we will be unable to pair you with a mentor until the programme reopens. 

If you have any suggestions for support you would like to see AFON offer please get in touch at

We’re hoping to re-launch the Mentoring Programme later this year!

 Interested in becoming a mentor? We would like to make our panel of mentors more reflective of the young people who we hope to support. This means we'd love to hear from women and from Black, Asian and ethnic minority people. Please have a look at the information booklet and mentoring agreement and get in touch with the Mentoring Officer: