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New Nature: June 2018

This month we celebrate the success of the fantastic young writers who took part in our inaugural writing competition. Entitled ‘The Embodiment of Spring’ and judged by author Robert Macfarlane, some sensational articles were submitted as part of contest proceedings, and we had an incredibly tough time making anything that vaguely resembled a decision. That said, Arabella Currie was the eventual winner with a fantastic poem entitled Black Cows in a Yellow Field. We offer our congratulations to her and the other featured entries from Conor Gearin and Dara McAnulty specifically – although everyone who submitted should be incredibly proud of their work.

This month, Robert also features as our guest interview (p.28) teaching us some new words and offering advice on how to make it as a nature writer. While continuing with our winning theme, we also speak to Elliot Monteith, a recent winner of the Cameron Bespolka Trust scholarship, about the scheme and why it’s worth committing to (p.32).

Also in our June issue, Sophie May Lewis tells us about tiger hunting in Sussex (p.16), whilst Emily Jordan provides an insight into the weird and wonderful world of the sand lizard in this month’s 'Species Focus' (p.20). Great articles which are far from alone in this edition as a fleet of young writers discuss everything from marvellous mud snails and earthworms, to Brexit (p.26).

Look out also for AFON member Ben Eagle’s superb review of Tiffany Francis’ new book, Food You Can Forage – a fantastic read and book we on the editorial team cannot help but endorse.

The latest issue of New Nature can be downloaded for free here:

If you would like to express an opinion on environmental issues, or submit your writing, art and photography to the magazine, you can get in touch at, or contact us on social media.

James Common is the Managing Director of New Nature Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @CommonByNature.


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