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New Nature: April 2018

After weeks of frosty indecision, the weather outside is finally turning; each day, each hour and minute transforming last month’s winterscape into a perfect picture of springtime beauty. Now, as the garish blooms of daffodil blanket our roadsides and a blue-white medley of bluebell and ramsons transform our woodlands; as the repetitive song of the chiffchaff becomes audible once more after a year-long hiatus and insects, at long last, take to the wing, it is time to revel once more in nature - in all its glory.

This is something we hope to do here, as always, in the latest issue of New Nature Magazine: offering readers, once again, interesting opinion and evocative writing from Britain’s young naturalists. Here, you will find an honest take on the thorny issue of fracking, courtesy of Rob White (Page 23), and an intriguing interview with Jenny MacPherson from the Vincent Wildlife Trust (VWT). Elsewhere, Georgina Umney writes on the importance of empowering the natural leaders of tomorrow (Page 44) and New Nature stalwart Camila Quinteros Peñafiel offers a very honest take on the importance of mentors in daily life. All of which goes without mention of our feature interview with renowned cameraman, Doug Allen (Page 30).

Inside the April edition you will, of course, also find lighter content too: superb nature writing courtesy of Andy Painting (Page 18) and Anna Flemming (Page 12), as well as regular features brought to you by the editorial team. Whatever your preference, however, whatever content you like to read – whether that be creative writing or passionate opinion – we hope that you will enjoy this issue for what it is: an amalgamation of the thoughts, views and musings of the natural historians, conservationists and environmentalists of the future!

On a final note, if you would like to contribute to New Nature – in the form of writing, art or photography – then please, drop us an email. We would be thrilled to hear your ideas and discuss how we can start bringing your fabulous ideas to life.

The latest issue can be downloaded, free, here:


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