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Mya-Rose Craig

As part of A Focus on Nature, Now for Nature week, we asked young people who are actively striving to make changes and educate on environmental issues to provide a pledge as to what they consider should be done NOW for NATURE...

Mya-Rose is an avid bird-watcher and self-confessed twitcher, based near Chew Valley, Bristol... She will also be one of our young speakers at A Focus on Nature Now for Nature Conference in September 2019!

'In order to successfully protect nature and wildlife in the UK and around the world, I believe it is essential that we engage all parts of society across the planet. It is only when we succeed in doing this, will enough people care, which will give the political impetus for change worldwide. I have been trying (with Black2Nature and Camp Avalon) to connect visible minority ethnic teenagers with nature but this needs to be extended and programmes educating children about nature need more funding.  More and more countries are allowing the killing of animals eg whales and trophy hunting. Only internal protest will stop this.'

Twitter: @BirdgirlUK

Instagram: birdgirluk


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