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May Webber

As part of A Focus on Nature, Now for Nature week, we asked young people who are actively striving to make changes and educate on environmental issues to provide a pledge as to what they consider should be done NOW for NATURE...

May is 25, and works for 'Butterfly Conservation', therefore is an advocate for educating and raising awareness of the issues UK Butterflies and Moths face. She even has her own moth trap so she can monitor numbers and species around her home. She will also be one of our young speakers at A Focus on Nature Now for Nature Conference in September 2019!

'The best present I ever received was a moth trap for my 13th birthday. I have been recording moths in my garden ever since - for 12 years! In those 12 years I have seen a significant decline in the variety of species I catch, some moths I just never see anymore. It is now more important than ever to be recording the insects you see so that we know where to focus our conservation efforts and tell the powers above us. We all know insect numbers are plummeting, but the best hope we have is to develop trust in our generation to reverse this decline and remain optimistic! I am going to continue to record the wildlife I see and urge everyone to do the same. Start now - go'


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