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How Nature Impacts Me Within

By Rhyan Codrington

I see nature as a companion, a superhero even. And with this superhero comes superpowers that nurture hope, inspiration, and peace into my daily life! Now, you may be curious as to how a few trees and birds could conjure up such emotions. Well, to find out, why not have a read as I express how nature impacts me within.

Hope has never been an easy emotion for me to attain, especially in the midst of a national lockdown. 2020 saw me lose a relationship, friendships and even myself, plaguing my mind with anxiety and sorrow – I felt hopeless. I could no longer live like this and so I decided that perhaps a habitual stroll to Brighton beach would do me some good. So, my journey began and as I rested on the pebbles near the shoreline something extraordinary happened. The wondrous blue sea and soaring seagulls made me more intune with my emotions, allowing me to see the bigger picture. I realised that the same way seagulls ready their wings to take flight in search of new feeding spots, I too can ready my emotional wings and soar into the distance in search of life-changing solutions. The beach gives me hope and I will never forget that!

Inspiration for my future career came from nature as well. This inspiration started at a young age where I would watch countless nature documentaries on the connection between us and nature. From this constant visual experience with nature, helping the people and the planet became a passion and hence, a future career of mine! However, with all passions, at times It seems to disappear as it is constantly buried under the weight of living. Nonetheless, as I look at my evergreen house plants, my passion is reignited once again and so nature continues to inspire me!

Peace cultivated from nature not only transpires through the visual experience, but from the sounds of nature as well. I learnt this a few months back when I started listening to soothing music while I read and journaled. I quickly realised that the music which gave me such peace was always bursting with the melodies of birds busily singing, trees swaying in a summer breeze and instruments like flutes and oboes being orchestrated by the wind. Such natural symphonies have made my days more comforting and given me more mental clarity when issues arise – Nature brings me peace!

To end, it is clear that nature holds a special place in my heart as without it, life would not be the same. I would not be as hopeful, inspired, and peaceful if it were not for mother nature. Now, if nature enriches my life, then I am sure it could do the same for yours. So, why don’t we get out more and dive into nature as maybe... just maybe, we all could be impacted by nature from within!


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