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A regional rep week in the life of... Rachel Burton

As I'm living in a city it's easy to lose touch with nature - which is why it's all the more special when I get the opportunity to reconnect and enjoy it, especially during Autumn. Autumn to me is a time of peace after the busy hustle and bustle of Summer. As animals head into hibernation there is a sense, and almost a smell, of slumber in the air. It means goodbye to our Swallows as they head South, and hello to Fieldfares arriving for the Winter.

I love how humans echo nature as well. We, too, begin to hide indoors more and more as the cold sets in; a warning of the coming Winter.

My local park is the main place I have to interact with nature. It is like most parks - predominantly short grass with a few trees. It may not be the richest of habitats, but it still portrays the majesty of Autumn beautifully. If I'm there at the right time I am sometimes lucky enough to witness a murmuration in the cold sky above me, or in the morning the magical sight of dew glistening on cobwebs in the grass. But my favourite sight in the Autumn is of course the magnificent colour scheme in the trees that it brings about. One tree can have twenty different shades of orange, yellow, green, or gold, all jumbled together in a chaotic but exquisite palette.


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