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A collection of words pledged by the public during #NowforNature week 2019, February 2019. These are words that the public used to describe the changes and pledges that they are making to benefit nature and the environment


In 2015, A Focus on Nature launched its first campaign, Vision for Nature. This campaign was based on the premise that the natural world of the future will be shaped by the decisions of today, and as young people will inherit that natural world, they should be an integral part of decisions that shape its future. We asked: what do young people want the natural world to look like in 2050, and how do we want to get there? This campaign culminated in 2016 with the ‘Vision for Nature’ report, which made big waves in conservation and political circles. For the first time, young people had set out exactly what they wanted for the future of our environment – and the message was clear.

But there has been a shift in how young people view conservation. We have realised that if we are to reach that vision, we have to act NOW. And so, #NowforNature was born.

Through the campaign, we want to showcase all the wonderful, innovative and inspiring things young people are doing in their everyday lives to protect wildlife and the environment - and encourage others to do the same. We want to show politicians and NGOs that people want action to be taken now, to ensure a flourishing future for our wildlife. And young people are at the forefront of that movement​.

How can I get involved?


We are asking people to submit pledges that detail what they promise to do #NowforNature. This can be anything from reducing plastic waste, to volunterring at your local nature reserve. 

Please fill in your pledges and share them far and wide, using the hashtag! Our goal is to get politicians and other influential faces to make a pledge too. So direct them to your local MP, or anyone you think can make a difference.

You can also share any photos and tweets of what you're doing for nature and wildlife - just make sure you tag #NowforNature!

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