A Focus On Nature

Nick Upton


Nick has been fascinated by nature of all kinds since he was very young and this interest has driven pretty much everything he has done since as a biologist, writer and award winning wildlife film-maker and stills photographer.

Nick is a behavioural zoologist by training with an honours degree and a PhD from Cambridge, but while holding a junior fellowship at Oxford for 3 years he helped the BBC to film some of the animals he was studying, and moved into wildlife filmmaking full time in 1987.  This dream job was to work for 4 years as Series Researcher on Sir David Attenborough’s “Trials of Life” series, travelling the world and working with the best in the business.  Nick then wrote, directed and produced many wildlife, science and conservation films through independent companies for the BBC and major broadcasters worldwide with subjects ranging from ants, beetles and vampire bats to wolves, beavers and indigenous peoples. Nick also worked with the RSPB Film Unit making films about Cranes in Europe and the UK. Nick’s films won 11 “Best of Festival” awards in 8 different countries and approaching 100 awards in total.

Since 2012, Nick has concentrated on stills photography, shooting DSLR video clips, writing and photographic tutoring. Nick contributed portfolios on urban invertebrates and UK Crane reintroductions to the 2020VISION multimedia conservation project, and has since documented Water Vole, Harvest Mouse, Dormouse and Beaver reintroductions and Grey seal pup rescues.  Nick has large wildlife/conservation portfolios with Nature Picture Library and RSPB-images and has won a number of UK and international photography awards including Best Documentary Series in the 2014 British Wildlife Photography Awards.  Nick has contributed text and photos to several books and magazines, and BBC Wildlife has commissioned several features using his stills coverage of UK conservation projects since 2014.