A Focus On Nature

Youth Forum

A Focus On Nature is looking at expanding its boundaries over the next few months, including with the formation of a Youth Forum.

The idea of a youth wing to AFON is to represent the views of our younger members and influence the direction of A Focus On Nature in the future; we have some serious talent amongst our youngest members, and we want to encourage this, help it to blossom and go down new avenues. In essence, you’ll get to do a lot of the fun bits, whilst the committee manage all the admin stuff backstage. You can also tell us old folk when we’re being exceedingly dull.

Primary Objective:

  • To represent the views of our younger members and influence the direction of A Focus On Nature in the future

Secondary Objectives:

  • To provide a safe, secure and fun environment for younger members to network with each other

  • To receive training in communications and policy areas that will allow them to develop their careers from a young age

  • To engage future young members, their parents and organisations with a similar objective

  • To inform the policies and decisions taken by the A Focus On Nature committee

For ages 18 and under

Anyone with a passion for nature who is under the age of 18 can join the Youth Forum; the Forum will be managed by a group of six under 18s. These people will be selected first and foremost by the A Focus On Nature committee, and then by election every two years thereon.

A Focus On Nature will facilitate:

  • An annual meeting of the management team, to discuss A Focus On Nature

  • An annual meeting of the youth forum, to network and meet new people

  • Opportunities for the management team and the youth forum to learn new skills, including training in social media, presentation skills, online (web and blogging)

The Youth Forum will be responsible for:

  • Representing the views of all its young members

  • Making sure that all young members feel safe and secure in all forums (online and offline)

  • Representing A Focus On Nature to potential members

  • Representing A Focus On Nature in professional arenas

  • Managing the reputation and representing of A Focus On Nature, e.g. through a web presence and at events

If you would like to apply for a position on the Youth Forum, please contact Lucy on lucy.mcrobert@hotmail.co.uk by October 4th 2015.

Please copy in a parent/guardian, too, if we haven’t had a chance to speak to them before! This keeps everything above board, and will give us the chance to explain a bit more about what we do.

Good luck!