A Focus On Nature

Why Should I Get Involved?


Too often in life, it’s not what you know, but who you know. These connections can range from experts and professionals giving focused advice, to simply having another young person to chat to about jobs and opportunities. The key is never to underestimate these connections, and to build yourself a network of friends and colleagues to support you and advise you.

A Focus On Nature is committed to helping young people build their own networks with a variety of people ranging from photographers, writers and artists to scientists, politicians and film makers, so that you can all learn from each other.


Breaking into the big wide world of work can be a daunting and difficult challenge for any young person, regardless of degree, previous experience, or work ethic – trying to secure a job in British nature conservation is no different. Jobs are highly competitive, are often on a contract basis and sometimes you need all the help you can get to ensure that your CV and references are a cut above the rest.

A Focus On Nature can help you by providing expert Mentoring, helping you to take that next step towards a solid and passionate career.


At some point in your life, you will look back and remember that first pair of binoculars, the first field guide, your first membership to an organisation or piece of proper outdoor clothing that you bought or received, and reflect on how that item helped to open your eyes to your career. These items are often expensive and specialist.

A Focus On Nature, backed by our sponsors and partners, aims to assist you in obtaining one or more of these things through a successful application; check out our prizes page to see what’s up for grabs this year.


Often, exploring new environments can be difficult and expensive, especially for a young person who has to pay for growing transportation fees and petrol prices. Through our focused Projects, we hope to encourage young people to find their own niche and expand on their own unique set of skills, either within a group or individually. By exploring new environments and meeting new people, you can transform the way you see the natural world whilst dramatically improving your CV, too!


We’ve saved the best ‘til last. The natural world is something to be enjoyed by everyone, and not something to be afraid of exploring. We are looking for anyone who loves jumping in puddles, rolling down grassy hills, taking snapshots of birds and beasties, sketching a rolling landscape, canoeing down peaceful canals, running around in the rain, making daisy chains, reading Beatrix Potter or Tarka the Otter, getting lost in the woods, or quite simply likes being outdoors with nature. Anyone who likes to explore, question, discover, teach and learn is welcome.

You can never be too old to enjoy these very simple pleasures, and A Focus On Nature is committed to making sure that you get the most out of the natural world, so that when the time comes, the natural world can get the most out of you, too!