A Focus On Nature

What’s It All About?

A Focus On Nature is the network for young, professional nature conservationists in the UK.

A Focus On Nature is aimed at creating an extensive network between professionals and amateurs in all areas of nature conservation; we hope to see our members working together, learning from each other, and therefore contributing in a holistic way to nature conservation. Anyone aged 16 to 30 can join the network: click here to find out how.

We recognise that nature conservation is not just about ecologists examining an animal in a habitat. It exists as a socio-cultural aspect in our hearts, minds and imaginations that can be examined through the creative arts, history and geography, and we wish to draw out these elements when working with our members.

A unique aspect of A Focus On Nature is its commitment to diversity. This is not a scheme for intellectuals or high-flyers:  we are looking for people with passion, commitment and the drive to make a difference. The holistic element of A Focus On Nature is a key strength that will allow it to expand, mentoring, influencing and enthusing the next generation of nature conservationists.