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Art and Media

Here are the bios for the mentors who work in Arts and Media. Please have a look to see who you think may be able to help you best as part of the mentoring scheme before making an application (details on the main mentoring page). If you are unsure, the Mentoring Officer can provide advice.

Keith Betton

Keith Betton is a media trainer, PR consultant and writer and has recently co-authored two books with Mark Avery. However, for 20 years he was the main spokesman for the UK travel industry, making over 1000 TV appearances and 5000 radio broadcasts, commenting on the news issues of the day as they affected the travelling public. Keith is currently a BTO Vice President and a trustee of the Cameron Bespolka Trust.

Nick Upton

Nick Upton is a biologist, writer, award winning wildlife film-maker and photographer. He was Series Researcher on Sir David 

Attenborough’s “Trials of Life" series and produced films for BBC, National Geographic, RPSB and others.

He now shoots wildlife stills and video, writes and tutors photographers.  His work appears regularly in books and magazines, including BBC Wildlife.   He's worked on commission for The National Trust, the Wildlife Trusts and other NGOs.

Ceri Levy

Ceri Levy is a documentary filmaker writer and self-titled "Gonzovationist". His new book Critical Critters is out July 2018.

Ceri is involved with a local community conservation project in Leicestershire, the Three Villages Conservation Trust.

 Interested in becoming a mentor? We would like to make our panel of mentors more reflective of the young people who we hope to support. This means we'd love to hear from women and from Black, Asian and ethnic minority people. Please have a look at the information booklet and mentoring agreement and get in touch with the Mentoring Officer:



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