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Now for Nature Conference 2019

6th and 7th September 2019

Natural History Museum, London

The Biggest Celebration of Young Conservationists that the UK has ever seen!


AFON will be running its second conference at the world-famous Natural History Museum in London, in an event that will inspire, connect and support young people who are interested and passionate about nature conservation.


The Esmeé Fairbairn Foundation is kindly supporting the event which enables us to offer tickets to the two day conference at a discounted rate of £35! We are also offering bursaries which we hope will make this a truly inclusive space.

The conference will reflect the multi-disciplinary world that conservation is and we therefore have created five themes that we think are prominent throughout the sector:

  • Our plenary events

  • Practical conservation

  • Recording and monitoring species

  • Communication and arts

  • Science and Policy

  • Conservation Overseas

The conference will include approximately 36 talks and 10 workshops which will either showcase passionate and talented young conservationists or provide learning opportunities for young people to enter the sector.

To see the full program head over to our What's on? page.

As well as a jam-packed two-day conference we're also holding an evening event with WWF on Friday. We are thrilled to be able to hold this event in such an amazing venue and we want to be able to show this amazing spacec as much as we can over the two days. In the lunch breaks there will be guided tours of the museum which will explore the wildlife garden,  the Angela Marmont Centre for UK Biodiversity and the rest of the amazing exhibits.

Our aim is to be as inclusive and open as possible, and we encourage people to apply to either present or run workshops at this inspirational event.

Connect. Support. Inspire.

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