A Focus On Nature

Regional Reps – applications open

Deadline extension: Sunday 17th April 2016

Since its formation in 2011, A Focus On Nature has sought to encourage and connect young people aged 16 to 30 with a passion for the natural world. Through a combination of social media, events and mentorship, AFON has connected with over 1000 young people nationally across the United Kingdom and beyond, including aspiring conservation professionals, wildlife enthusiasts, artists, photographers and poets.

Role Description:

AFON now wishes provides its members with career support and networking opportunities at a regional level through its Regional Representatives scheme. This is a great opportunity to develop your CV with a nationally recognised organisation, learn new skills and influence the future direction of A Focus On Nature, including campaigns, attitudes and ambitions.


  • To establish AFON with a local presence within your regional district

  • To provide a safe, secure and fun environment for members to network with each other

  • To provide members with a local figure who can provide support and advice

  • To engage new members, their parents and organisations with a similar objective

  • To create opportunities and establish a local network for young people to meet and form relationships with similarly nature-minded people

  • To receive training in communications and policy areas that will allow them to develop their careers


  • creation and maintenance of a regional emailing list

  • creation of a bi-annual email

  • responding to enquiries relating to AFON from within your allocated region

  • orchestration of a wide variety of events within your region including training, socialising and creativity

  • raise awareness of the work and opportunities available via AFON nationally, including University Birdwatch Challenge, and University Moth Challenge

It is anticipated the role will require an average of 2 hours per week and not exceed 4 hours.

Skills and Competencies:

  • organisational and time-management skills

  • strong communication, teamwork and negotiation skills

  • problem-solving skills and diplomacy

  • a flexible and adaptable approach

  • creativity and innovation


A Head of Regional Reps (HRR) will be appointed in order to lead and manage the team of regional reps (See below).

Fancy it? 

You’ll need to email us with a bit of information about yourself, and to answer a few questions…

We’ll need your:

  • Name

  • Email address:

  • Region (choose one from): Scotland/North East/North West/Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire/East Midlands/West Midlands/ Wales/Eastern/London/South East/South West

And you’ll need to let us know the answers to a few key questions (Max.300 words per answer):

  1. What has motivated you to apply for this role?

  1. As a member of AFON, what would you want from a regional representative?

  1. How do you see this role benefiting your own personal aspirations?

How to apply:

Please submit a copy of your CV with an email addressing the questions above to Lucy McRobert – lucy.mcrobert@hotmail.co.uk

Head of Regional Reps

We are also appointing a Head of Regional Reps to coordinate the programme and the RRs, supporting them, helping them to develop and deliver in their locality and to sit on the AFON national committee.

If you would like to be considered for this position, please send a copy of your CV and a short covering letter to Lucy McRobert via email – lucy.mcrobert@hotmail.co.uk. Your covering letter should address the above questions, as well as explain why you feel that you are more suited to a national (as opposed to local) role.

Skills and Competencies:

  • strong leadership skills

  • organisational and time-management skills

  • strong communication, teamwork and negotiation skills

  • problem-solving skills and diplomacy

  • a flexible and adaptable approach

  • experience of managing budgets

Please note, that this person will not in themselves be a Regional Representative.

Good luck! 

Please note that all of these roles are operated on a voluntary basis, with a small stipend available to cover expenses.