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A Focus On Nature

Best blog post of 2016

We want your opinion! We have an amazing (albeit currently top secret) prize available for the author of the best blog post of 2016 on the AFON blog, and we want you to vote on the best blog post!

The committee have voted to choose their favourite posts for the shortlist (excluding any posts written by a committee member of course!).

And now it is your turn to vote! Please read through the shortlist of posts below to pick your favourite blog post of 2016. You may only vote for one post, you may only vote once and you cannot vote for yourself.

To cast your vote, e-mail afonmembers@hotmail.com with the subject title of ‘Best blog post’, and then in the main e-mail, your name, your age and your favourite post. Feel free to write a few words about why it is your favourite! Please do NOT comment on this post with your vote, as it is meant to be anonymous.

The options are (in alphabetical order by author’s last name):

Nightjar, by Jack Bedford

Book Review: Death on Earth, by Imogen Cavadino Lindsay

Talented Taxonomist to NowforNature, by Imogen Cavadino Lindsay

The Field Skills Crisis, by Liam Curson

Words & Wildlife, by Tiffany Francis

Post EU ref roundup, by Charlie Hewitt

New Wildlife, by Alexandra Hoadley

Book Review: Rain, by Annie Irene

Vision for Nature: Wildlife, by Tom Mason

UK Freshwater Fish, by Jack Perks

Roisin McAnulty & Chris Packham to NowforNature, by Dara McAnulty

Book Review: Fingers in the Sparkle Jar, by Amy Schwartz

A New Arrival, by Sophie Scotter

DEADLINE FOR VOTING: Midnight on 22nd January 2017